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Life Together Ministries

Fellowship Ministry
One of the most basic joys of our Christian faith is that none of us is every truly alone. Our Fellowship ministry is a concerted effort to provide a warm and welcoming environment for all who gather on Sunday mornings to be able to "linger longer". And so each week drinks and snacks are provided by volunteers who do the simple work of setting up and cleaning up so that we can enjoy the "bond of peace" together. Please consider signing up to provide for this ministry by contacting Chrissy Burns.

Youth Ministry
HCLC has several age-specific ministries which are primarily designed to help kids build relationships with their peers while sharing God's love in common. Whether it's GANG (7th-12th grade) or CREW (4th - 6th grade), your child's involvement will be a positive experience building faith and character. Check out our Facebook group or contact our leader Joann Brown.

Technology (Projection and Sound)
You do not have to be uniquely skilled to be able to help out with the various technological aspects of each Sunday Worship service, you simply have to be interested and willing. If you are uniquely skilled however, we'd love to have your expertise. We truly believe that it is important for our technology to aid us in Worship rather than become a distracting focus itself. And so we strive to do it well. If you would like to learn more about controlling our projection or sound systems, contact Dominic Cardone.

Technology (Web and Other Marketing)
We view our web site as a kind of "front porch" to the church. It's a place for you to see a little bit about who we are before you "come on in". And so we have a dedicated ministry for keeping it up-to-date, informative, and helpful. If you would like to see something added to our web pages, contact Sam Brown. He would also like to hear from you about any ideas or opportunities you may find for HCLC to be as "visible" in our community as possible.

Women's Fellowship Ministry
Have you ever just enjoyed a time of refreshment with a group of fun-loving ladies? Our Women's Fellowship Ministry wants to make sure you have that opportunity on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7:00pm. Consider this your invitation to join us at Starbucks in Bordentown for coffee and conversation... or maybe just conversation. Maryann Puls sends out some humorous internet video or meme in advance to generate a launching point for laughter and chitchat. Where the conversation goes after that is entirely up to you. Be sure to sign up here.

Men's Fellowship Ministry
Men need time to do "guy stuff". It's just good for our emotional and spiritual health to hang out with other men for fun or food or.... stuff. Doug Puls is HCLC's volunteer for planning and scheduling stuff. He'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas for more stuff, so if there's something you think is fun to do and you think it would be even more fun to do it together, let him know. 

Fitness Ministry
Physical health and fitness is of spiritual importance in our lives. That is a major reason why HCLC has its own Fitness ministry. No matter what point you are in the journey towards physical fitness, Barbara Tonzini can and will help you pursue healthy goals and habits. Be sure to check out the scheduled events.

Online Connections Portal (Web Forum)
It isn't always possible to get out of the house at the times when things are scheduled. Our busy lives sometimes leave us over-committed or just exhausted. But we should still be able to keep in contact with one another either just for casual conversations or more intense discussions about the issues of the day. Our Web Forum is where we maintain a broad variety of topics and resources to help keep you connected and engaged. There is plenty to see as a "guest" of the Forum, but there's even more once you "register". Click here to see a video which guides you through the registration process.