What We Believe

Holy Cross is a "Bible-believing" congregation.

But in order to know who we really are, you need to know what we believe the Bible says.

You can find pages and pages of information on what we believe if you click here.

Let's summarize though:

How Does Faith Begin?
We believe that all people are in need of the salvation God has already offered through Jesus Christ. We believe that Baptism is God's visible means for delivering this salvation. And so if you haven't been Baptized, we'd like to talk with you about that. And if you are Baptized, you're like the rest of us: trying to live the Baptized life!

How Does Faith Continue?
We also believe that God strengthens us to live the Baptized life by forgiving our sins and building our faith. We believe that Communion is God's visible means for delivering these wonderful gifts. Because Communion isn't just an ordinary meal but is "The Lord's Supper", we are sincere in sharing it with those who publicly express their faith in the Lord Jesus just as we do. We are all guests at His table.

How Can We Know About Godly Things?
We believe the Bible is the Divinely inspired and inerrant word of God. In other words though human beings wrote the words drawn from their own thoughts, emotions, and experiences, it was the Holy Spirit inspiring them to write exactly what we would need to read. Because of these unique circumstances, the Bible is unlike any other book in its insights into the human experience and God's will. For us, the Bible is the ultimate written authority.

We Believe there is only one true God (in three persons):
What sounds like a contradiction isn't, but it is a mystery. Christians commonly refer to this mystery by calling it the "Trinity".

God the Father is the Almighty creator of the universe and everything in it.

We believe that Jesus is God, that he submitted himself to suffer death by taking the sins of the world upon himself, and that as he was then resurrected on the morning we now call "Easter", death and sin have been defeated for everyone who bears the name of Jesus (which we receive at our Baptism).

We believe God the Holy Spirit resides mysteriously within each believer and is responsible for creating the faith that says, "I believe!" 

And we believe that any other claim that something or someone else is also "God" is a false claim.